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I don't know what I was expecting from this game, but I loved it! 




The creativity, I just want to reach a point were I can think about doing stuff like these in the future, an awesome little piece to be experience.


They rejected my love, my gifts and stole my boat 10/10


you know exactly what pixel lovers like. just exploring and escaping from somewhere. i also love a detail of looking on the map just by holding it. 


i just offered someone a coconut, they denied and stole my raft in front of my eyes. please rename this to grand theft pirate


really fun game, was particularly fond of the option to flirt with everyone

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Would it be possible to have the Pico-8 file as one of the downloads?


Yep, I just added it!

Awesome,  thanks!


How do I open it and play?

You have to download the "Explorers_[...]" zip file corresponding to your OS, unzip it, and run the executable there, "explorers.exe" on Windows.


C'est vraiment fantastique de réussite. J'ai passé un excellent moment à faire les 100%. Bravo !

I love it, feels like a C64 game. Kinda like Pirates back in the day


thank you ,,,,,, you lead me to pico 8 nice place there


Adding this to my "check out later" collection to play after Pixel Session! Looks great :)


Aww Remy Youve Literally Outdone Yourself

Full review follows:


this game comes out on my birthday and you are legitimately my favorite, blessed be. I am eager to see this world and will run it down in one sitting, I am sure. Nuts to your session time suggestions, I'll beat this game day one because I love a tall drink of water. Where do I sign up

Happy birthday, Love,

Hi qis, thank you so much for the very kind message!
I hope your birthday was nice and I hope the game lives up to your expectations. ❤


This looks fantastic! Can't wait!

(Well, it's 8 days, I guess I can. :D )