A downloadable Gamez for Windows

These are the games I made for the More is Better jam. There are four of them (more like "More would have been Better jam") :

- Pitiless Gravity : Easy to understand what you should be doing, hard to do it.

- Boom-Boom It Away : Purify your cell with EXPLOSIONS !!!

- Save The Blobs ! (for money (for more blobs)) : exploit cute creatures and protect them from sickness (with explosions).

- Stomp The Red Balls : Be careful, these balls hurt.


Pitiless Gravity.zip 2 MB
Boom-Boom It Away !.zip 2 MB
Save The Blobs ! (for money (for more blobs)).zip 2 MB
Stomp The Red Balls.zip 2 MB
All Of The Above 8 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and execute the .exe

The controls screens say 'press enter to play', you should press 'space' instead...