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The code execution cannot proceed because SDL2_mixer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

Oh I extracted all and it worked so nvm

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It's fun but is there a way to change the menu hotkey? i'm trying to use it while making a game in godot engine and it uses middle click a lot

Thanks! Sadly no there isn't, or at least not yet. I don't currently have a quick way to change it to something more practical. But maybe in the future as I get more progress done on the engine.

What When This Disktops Touch my Cursor?

The timer stops and registers your time as a new score, and that's it. New discs appear and the timer restarts for more Disctop fun :)

I can't download it, there is another way?

I'm sorry, what is the issue? You should be able to download it from the game page, is that not working for you?

nop. the archive corrupts itself.



This game is very good.

its pretty fun! but i need to know what does it mean when the saw blades turn gold? is there any more blade colors?

Thanks! It's because you're beating your highscore on that difficulty! No there are no other blade colors after gold 😅


now i know how to get rid of the goose once and for all

This is my favorite of the jam! I love that you can bat around the timer, I love the aesthetic, it's such a perfect, tiny, little nugget of a game. If that makes any sense. What engine is was this made in? How did you even program this?


Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it! I made it with a game engine I've been making myself, called Sugar. The engine itself is written in C++, so I just had to use the windows headers to make the game's window behave how I wanted. Sugar is still in development and not available anywhere yet, but this is the first program I released that was made with it. :)