Embrace is a very short experimental game about embracing things that happen in life.

My goal was to make something meaningful because that's the direction I want my work to take in the future. The result is very experimental, super short and quite imperfect. But I do like it, and I hope you do too! :)


  • Use the arrow keys on a keyboard or the left joystick on a controller to move the selected hand.
  • Move it to the highlighted spot on the screen.
  • Embrace whatever is in front of you.

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lovely : )

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Such nice little guys this is So nice thanks. Beautifcul litte boys


Beautiful, made me smile :D

What a beautifully adorable game! Great job :)

Super cute, made me feel really happy C:


i was scared af bc i thought it was going to go for a dark route and say like "death" and become really dark or smth....

nice game!




This made me so happy, thank you

Embrace madness /Slay the Spire


I love this




Cute.  I was surprisingly motivated to keep playing just to see what I was supposed to embrace next.  Now if only I could in real life.  

Happily depressing out of 10.


embrace help. yeah i think i need that for my spagetti phallic arms


ty for making this


Super duper cute! loved the fade out effect at the end, super cool. :D


Well that was just hecking lovely.


I am really glad this game exists. I have been thinking about the use of hands in terms of gameplay for a very long time, and I think they can offer a lot in terms of empathetic gameplay. It's such a shame to see so few examples, so thank you very much for making this


this was so nice!  I laughed a lot and it lifted my spirits.  thanks !


Awww. That was very sweet.


Simple and adorable. I very much enjoyed this.


This was very sweet~ c:


I low key expected some nihilist turn at some point haha

cute little work tho!


fun fact: there was one during development! "Death" would appear after "Life", but it didn't quite fit with the rest (and the message) of the game so I removed it. :)

Like there 2 hands and 1 face controlling theme with one person.

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Today I was feeling down for personnal reasons and playing this game made me genuinely smile for 5 minutes. It felt good, thanks.


a lovely game


Super cute and quick! Thank you for the fun!