(please note: you can eat the fruits to heal yourself)

Will you enter the dungeon? Will you survive? Will you make fat stacks of $? Will you transform Gar's Den into Player's Den???

Here's what's on the dungeon's pamphlet:

  • Enter Gar's lair
  • Destroy his minions
  • Meet the shopkeeper
  • Plant your garden
  • ???
  • Profit
  • (???
  • Kill Gar)


  • [o]/z ~ action + slash
  • [x]/x ~ inventory navigation (hold, then use arrows)
  • [arrow keys] ~ move around

This is my entry to the 7 Days Roguelike Challenge! Or at least it would be if I actually had done it in 7 days. I took 14 days instead. (a third of it was spent on saving Pico-8 tokens)

Still a pretty big project for 14 days! I hope you enjoy it! Please report bugs if you find any. If you think the pacing of the game is off, also tell, I may do a fix for that in the next few days.

If you like it, please consider supporting me by donating here on Itch.io or on my Patreon! Plus if you support me on Patreon, you get access to cool articles about underrated coding techniques! :)


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Just finnished it and it weas good : D

Hey congrats and thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Curious, was there an update? If so, what's changed?

I only fixed a bug with doors sending you into walls in some rare occasions. :)

what should i do with garsden.p8 file?

You can run it in Pico-8, same as garsden.p8.png . The only difference is that people who don't own the Pico-8 can take a look at the code with any text editor if they want to. :)