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I've found a Door-Related bug already :p

Played this awesome game on Lexaloffle -- thanks for the birthday link! :)

gonna beat the game without gardening get rekt scrubs


This is a really solid start.  I'd love to see you take this and make a full game with this concept 


You need to make a full game.


Haha thanks for the suggestion! I'll get to it for sure at some point! :)


Dude, I would love to see this being a full game. The core mechanic is good, but I feel there's room for improvement.


Cheers! Doing a full game based on Gar's Den has been one of my objectives since I uploaded this game! Sadly I didn't get to it yet, but I will, so look out for it! :)

The game is pretty great. Visuals are nice. The controls are good too.

But you could lower the brightness of the colour a little bit.

And plants could at least me a little faster to grow.

But overall it's a great game .



Just starting: "What? A rouge-like and a gardening game mixed together? This can't work"

Fifteen minutes in: "OK so I just plant stuff, come back later and make money?"


10/10 would garden again


This is great, very enjoyable. I really enjoy traipsing around in dungeons frantically waving my sword around, then getting to chill for a bit working on a little garden. Very nice.


love this game so much

I've found a bug;

I just got back from second floor to first floor, and planted some big berries. :(

But great game! Big thanks :) Going to buy my self pico this summer.


Looks like you got stuck in a door. I thought I had fixed all the door-related bugs... ><

Thank you for the report, I'll try to fix it for a potential update in a few weeks. :)

Also, all entities, like shop keeper, shop items and enemies, disappeared. Those plants on screen were planted after the bug happened. There were a few more of them, but they also disappeared.


Excellent job, I really enjoy your pico8 style


Thank you! I really enjoy!! :D

It's a fun game but holy crap looking at this game makes my eyes hurt.

That being said, it's impressive you could make this game within Pico8.

Hi! Can you tell me more about this please? Is it the background hurting your eyes or the low resolution or maybe the colors? Or the combinaison of all three? Do you maybe have an idea of a solution that would not hurt your eyes?

Thank you for the praise. :X

Sorry for the abysmally late reply, does not do a good job of notifying you about stuff. It's mostly how the background doesn't fade but sticks around leaving you confused about what is real and what is not. I don't usually have a problem with those kinds of things but this just really bothered me in an otherwhise great game.

Very good!

Just finnished it and it weas good : D

Hey congrats and thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Curious, was there an update? If so, what's changed?

I only fixed a bug with doors sending you into walls in some rare occasions. :)

what should i do with garsden.p8 file?

You can run it in Pico-8, same as garsden.p8.png . The only difference is that people who don't own the Pico-8 can take a look at the code with any text editor if they want to. :)