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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 14:32 (The 3rd Game)

That's great! Thank you very much! :)


soo good! i loved it! please use this engine to make a longer game!

i wish i had pico 8, but its paid, so i have to stick with other fantasy consoles, such as tic-80, i recomend you to try other fantasy consoles/computers. for me, there all realy intresting.


This is awesome! I love that despite being very short and not having any dialog, it still has a very clear path with goals that you can choose to follow. Getting to the end was satisfying despite the game's short length.

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Impressive technological effort!
Good job on the technological side!


That was a neat little game.


Wow, this is super impressive!


This is a relaxing way to spend a few minutes