Explore a mysterious and exciting dungeon filled with exciting mysteries without ever leaving the same room!

Why would you change rooms when clearly this one has all the danger and excitement and danger that one could possibly need?!

Come to the One Room Dungeon and live the rest of your newly mysterious-and-exciting life there!!!

Please tell your family and friends that you know of the dangers of the One Room Dungeon before coming, thank you.

Also this was made for Ludum Dare #37, the theme was 'One Room' and the Ludum Dare submission page for this game is there! And you can check out the game on the Lexaloffle BBS too if you feel like doing that, there!

The game has since been updated and is now 300% more enjoyable!!!


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oneroomdungeon.p8 76 kB
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oneroomdungeon-postjam.p8 83 kB


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Fun idea for a one room game. Though I'd have liked it if the enemies were just a tad slower, when I was losing hp it was pretty hard to keep a streak going.

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Very well-made, fun game!

Though just to let you know, I encountered a bug while I tried pressing x next to a wall (and possibly during collision with an enemy while at low health at the same time? I'm not sure):

"runtime error
line 733: attempt to index global 'player' (a nil value)"

Nothing major, I just got unlucky and I think I was basically dead on that frame anyway.

Hi, thank you!

Yes I can confirm that you died there, that's what caused the crash. Dying right when changing rooms is not something I anticipated at all. I'll fix this, thanks for reporting!

This is a decent game. It's fun, but after the small tutorial part, I was confused at why X wasn't doing anything. I soon figured out that the squares needed to be illuminated to be able to use it. Maybe some more direction may help.

now that's a good game

When I hold down the arrow keys and press x nothing happens?

That's strange. You only need to hold one arrow key and then press 'x' so maybe try that? Pressing all the arrows should have worked too... :/

Really fun game!