On this quiet and endless night, the TETRATON will unleash its potential and attempt to survive this technological challenge where it has to change its weapon module the biggest number of times while being attacked by enemy ships!! WILL THE TETRATON MAKE IT TO THE END?!?!
No it will not. The night is endless.

A shooter inspired from LUFTRAUSERS and Super Crate Box.
'z' and 'x' rotates the TETRATON.
Directional arrows shoot (and propel) in involved direction.
Get to crate ball to change weapon and get a point.

16 different weapons.
Double parallax.
Lots of bullets.
Quick deaths.
Quick retries.
Palette randomization.
Not very good soundtrack but hey I tried.

Post your scores and please do tell me what you think!

You can also read/participate to the discussion on the TETRATON page on the official Lexaloffle forums!

TETRATON was updated on the 11.13.15:
-The TETRATON now rotates faster for better control.
-The name of the weapon you just picked up is now displayed in the up-right corner of the screen.
-The color of the text was changed.
-The crate-ball indicator now appears above the bullets.
-The crate-balls now flicker.
-The title-screen now flickers.


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