A downloadable companion for Windows

!> We Can Always Talk is a procgen narrative-driven 1-bit game made for bit jam.

!> Talk* to the Machine and the Machine will talk** back!!

!> An ideal companion for the lonely nights spent craving companionship!!!

* Input only possible through keyboard.

** Output only possible through screen color and rythm.

PS: The Machine does not speak in morse.


WeCanAlwaysTalk-FTWindows.zip 453 kB

Install instructions

- Read the manual.

- Launch WeCanAlwaysTalk-Window.exe if you want to have your companion in a window.

- Launch WeCanAlwaysTalk-Fullscreen.exe if you want your companion to be fullscreen. Recommended for better immersion. Not recommended for people with epilepsy problems.

- Don't be lonely anymore!


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interesting, hope it's not a virus

ok weird