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SUGAR is a fantasy-console-inspired, limitation-led game engine!


SUGAR is currently in development.
No release date yet.
(I'm doing my best though)


  • SUGAR features Lua scripting, slightly modified with some useful shorthands.
  • SUGAR lets you choose the resolution and the palette of colors you want to work with. (up to 256 colors at any one time)
  • You can define your own palette of colors or use one from a selection featured in the engine.
  • SUGAR features a system of virtual memory holding for example  the pixel data for graphic surfaces and fonts. This virtual memory can easily be read and written to at any time.
  • SUGAR's API is kept sparse, functional and linear.
  • No program structure is imposed on you, you do not have to submit to Object-Oriented Programming to use SUGAR.
  • SUGAR features game controller support and a simplified controls binding system.
  • SUGAR features a command-line prompt which you can use while your game is running to modify and test things on the fly.
  • SUGAR can be used along with your favorite tools for coding, spriting etc.
  • SUGAR is not open-source at the moment. Its release price isn't defined yet.


Here are some games you can play that were made with an early version of SUGAR:

Damocles Gaze 👁 by PUNKCAKE Délicieux

The Wratch's Den 👹 by PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Metavaxx🔬 by PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Antecrypt⚡ by PUNKCAKE Délicieux


Beasts of Mehetia
by Benjamin Soulé

Notable Flying Typing companion

Check out the hashtag #SugarPowered on Twitter for more!

StatusIn development
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